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We are at the dawn of a new era. Digital technologies – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things and 5G networks – are changing our world. Nokia is driving innovation and the future of technology to power this digital age and transform how people live, work and communicate.  
We are seeking the most passionate and talented of applicants to join our team in Dublin, with internship positions available for software and hardware engineers, designers, and for analytics and data scientists. Successful candidates will work alongside and collaborate with world class researchers and engineers pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create new ways of connecting people, things and services instantly and effortlessly.  
Strong written and spoken communication skills and the ability to participate in dynamic discussions in English are required. Candidates are expected to undergo a technical interview related to the topics of interests, and should hold a strong passion for their chosen field. 

Bell Labs is the innovation engine of Nokia, and a worldwide research community that focuses on key technologies based on rich traditions, including the invention of UNIX, the C and C++ programming languages, modern information theory, the laser and the transistor. Our mission is to create outstanding research and technologies for networked, and distributed software systems and platforms.